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Monday, August 6, 2007

Welcome! Welcome!

We welcomed four new sales people today. Crazitimes! They all have to meet with each of us, so all of a sudden I have all kinds of appointments. We also welcomed my boss back after her six-month maternity leave. Yay! Unfortunately I had to deal with client traffic and remote issues today. How fair is that? I put in my time! Me no likey. So far I'm still feeling busy. However, it is partially due to making invitations for the impending class reunion and invitations for my upcoming annual housewarming party. I just realized that I have to actually start making the decisions. Luckily I started planning last spring and had a lot of good ideas on paper. I even made decoration purchases over the last few months. Now it is crunch time. Making the final decisions. Connecting the dots. Writing lists. Making food. Purchasing perishables. Oh my goodness. I need more time!

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